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App Camp Seattle

Our own Doug Russell on Sound Off sponsoring a team at App Camp for Girls

App Camp for Girls’ Seattle Camp

Sound Off is sponsoring a team at App Camp for Girls’ Seattle Camp. Unlike our usual rounds, this is something we’re sponsoring out of our operating budget, because it was time sensitive and an important cause to us.

App Camp for Girls is a truly special organization. Social pressure for young women to give up on STEM fields starts to take hold around middle school and App Camp makes a deliberate effort to get out ahead of that. The campers spend a week with adult women in tech who show them some real possibilities for themselves and their friends as developers, designers & testers. They get to build a real app they can put on their real phones. It’s an invaluable experience and one I’m proud to support.

App Camp Seattle still needs one team sponsor by this Friday. I’d love to see someone from #teamSoundOff step up to fill that gap!

If you’re interested get in touch with Kristina from App Camp.

What We Do

Sound Off works to increase access to professional settings for marginalized peoples in tech. Our current focus is on access to conferences.

So far we’ve worked on 5 main topics:

We’re always looking for new topics to work on!

How We Work

Sound Off coordinates with blogs and podcasts to raise awareness around our current campaign. Once a month, we ask participants to post or speak about the current campaign and provide a url where people can get more info and make a donation.

We’re setup this way to make it easy for people to give directly to the causes we promote. We’re in the process of setting up a 501c3 for people who want to have their donations matched or for organizations that don’t want to organize their own fundraising, but we want to emphasize any giving to our operating costs will be clearly demarcated and optional.