Help provide childcare for attendees, speakers & volunteers at Affect Conf 2016!

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Round 5 - Affect Childcare Is Fully Funded

With your help, Sound Off Round 5 successfully raised $2,400 in less than 2 weeks! This means DivCare PDX can provide 2 childcare professionals for both days of Affect. Thank you to everyone who donated, tweeted, and told their friends.

We’ll be posting the paid invoice as soon we receive it.

This is our last round of the year. We’ll be taking the remainder of the year to plan an amazing 2017!

What We Do

Sound Off works to increase access to professional settings for marginalized peoples in tech. Our current focus is on access to conferences.

So far we’ve worked on 5 main topics:

We’re always looking for new topics to work on!

How We Work

Sound Off coordinates with blogs and podcasts to raise awareness around our current campaign. Once a month, we ask participants to post or speak about the current campaign and provide a url where people can get more info and make a donation.

We’re setup this way to make it easy for people to give directly to the causes we promote. We’re in the process of setting up a 501c3 for people who want to have their donations matched or for organizations that don’t want to organize their own fundraising, but we want to emphasize any giving to our operating costs will be clearly demarcated and optional.