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Round 2 - Halfway to UIKonf

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s made our fundraiser to provide live captioning for UIKonf such a resounding success so far. We crushed our first goal last night: $1,500 raised in only 7 days. That’s remarkable. We definitely couldn’t do it without the help of some really great people.

One of the outstanding things about using GoFundMe this time is seeing the names of the people who have been helping us reach our goal. There are the usual suspects: people I know or know of. Thank you so much. But what amazes me are all the people I don’t know who are willing to help make UIKonf more accessible for attendees who might be hard of hearing or who might not speak English as their first language1. For example, I asked Ashley and Doug, “Who’s Anders Borum?” and the response was “A quality human I do not know, but should”. We can’t properly thank all the anonymous donors, but we wouldn’t have made our goal without you. Thanks so much!

If you’ve blogged about the fundraiser, please let me know (my DMs are open). If you’ve tweeted about it, I’m happy to retweet you, just DM me the link. We appreciate all your help.

Based on progress so far, we’re setting a goal of $2,000 by next Tuesday. With your help, we know we can do it!

  1. Yes, I know, for many of you, English might actually be your second or third language. According to My Favourite Person my first language is gibberish and English is actually my second. Don’t listen to her.