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Round 2 - Live Captioning Is Coming To UIKonf 2016

With your help, Sound Off Round 2 successfully raised $3,115 from 51 people in 29 days! This means we’ll be bringing live captioning to UIKonf this May. Thank you to everyone who donated, tweeted, and told their friends.

We’re making the final estimate for live captioning from White Coat Captioning available today as a pdf. Once the invoice is paid, we’ll update this post to include it.

Astute observers will notice that the published estimate is $375 higher than our goal. We based our fundraising on the first estimate we received. We’ll be leaving the GoFundMe open until UIKonf for any generous souls to help cover the gap.

We can’t wait to share our next round with you. Be on the lookout for it May 1st!


Paid invoice: pdf