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Round 2 - We Reached Our Goal

With your help, Sound Off Round 2 successfully raised the $3,000 needed to bring live captioning to UIKonf. Thank you to everyone who donated, tweeted, and told their friends.

We’re only halfway through the month so we’d like to set two realistic stretch goals:

Stretch Goal One: Fees

For Round 2 we tried GoFundMe and it’s been great. People love being able to track our progress and leave a little message. The one downside is GoFundMe charges a net fee of 7.9%, which we’d appreciate help covering. We had planned to cover this part of the cost out of our operating budget, which is currently our board members’ pockets.

That makes our first stretch goal $3,000/0.92 = $3,260.

Stretch Goal Two: Head Start

We’re still working out the details of Sound Off Round 3, but we expect to be ready by the end of this month or early next month. We’re planning a pair of attendance scholarships to a conference we love and are excited to work with. Anything we raise above and beyond $3,260 will be used as seed money for that campaign. We think we can hit $4,000 if we keep up the pace.

We can’t wait to share the details of Round 3 with you. Thank you so much for your help bringing live captioning to UIKonf!