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Round 3 – Layers & CODE2040

Sound Off is a non-profit (paperwork pending) that works to increase the access marginalized people in tech have to professional opportunities. Each month, Sound Off hosts a round of fundraising to support a worthy cause in technology.

This month, we’re raising money to send two fellows or alumni of CODE2040 to Layers 2016!

Layers is a design conference in San Francisco taking place from June 13th - June 15th. Folks who know our history, know that Sound Off started as an informal fundraiser to send two women on scholarship to Layers 2015. We’re proud to continue to support a conference that features some of the best and brightest voices in our industry, including an outstanding number of women and people of color on stage and in the audience. Like all the conferences we support, Layers has a strong Code of Conduct.

CODE2040 is a nonprofit organization that creates pathways to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in technology for underrepresented minorities with a specific focus on Blacks and Latinxs. Every summer, CODE2040’s flagship Fellows Program supports minority students interning in Silicon Valley by providing them with a sense of community, through mentorship, a speaker series, and workshops. CODE2040’s mission aligns with our own, and we’re excited to provide opportunities to their fellows and alumni.

Partnering Layers with CODE2040 fellows and alumni gives these up-and-coming technologists a chance to learn from industry veterans and to interact with them as peers. These interactions will have a positive impact on everyone involved, fostering opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Our fundraising goal for this round is $1750, the cost of two tickets to Layers 2016 plus payment processing fees. We’re using YouCaring as our fundraising platform this time. YouCaring is specifically built for charitable giving, and does not charge a percentage fee on the money raised. This means that more of your donated amount will go to the cause. Should we raise more than our goal of $1750, even multiples of the ticket price ($850) plus fees ($25) will go towards additional scholarships. Any remaining funds will roll over into our next fundraising round. As always, we’ll make an invoice publicly available after the event.

Donate now to help us send two fellows or alumni of CODE2040 to Layers 2016!