Help provide childcare for attendees, speakers & volunteers at Affect Conf 2016!

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Round 5 - Childcare For Affect

Sound Off is a non-profit (paperwork pending) that works to increase the access marginalized people in tech have to professional opportunities, by hosting rounds of fundraising to support worthy causes in technology.

This month, we’re raising money to provide childcare at Affect, a new conference being held in Portland, OR on Oct 7th & 8th. Like all the conferences we work with, Affect has a strong and unambiguous Code of Conduct.

For parents with kids too young to be left alone, attending, speaking, or volunteering at a conference without childcare can be impossible. The logistics and cost of coordinating a private sitter can easily cause parents to simply not attend a conference. We believe the best conferences have the largest cross section of people, and conferences are better when families are able to attend together. We’re thrilled to be able to support Affect by making the conference accessible to all parents.

Our fundraising goal for this round is $2400, the cost of two childcare providers from DivCare PDX - the same team that the organizers of Affect worked with before at PyDX and Open Source Bridge. We’re using YouCaring as our fundraising platform. YouCaring is specifically built for charitable giving and does not charge a percentage fee on the money raised. This means that more of your donated amount will go to the cause.

Should we raise more than our goal of $2400, the additional funds will be rolled over into our next fundraising campaign. As always, we’ll make an invoice publicly available after the event.

Donate now to help provide childcare at Affect 2016!